Fli3d: cool payload for microrocket
2022-08-14, 11:30–12:30, Kapel
Language: English

How I designed, built and tested a cool payload for microrockets. With hopefully an actual launch at Fri3d Camp 2022!

Frustrated with microrockets that just fly, I decided to design, build and test a payload for microrockets. I used the project to get acquainted with technology which I learned about at Fri3d Camp 2018: ESP32, Arduino, 3D printing, Chinese electronics. The payload weighs only 85g, costs no more than 25 euros, and has accelerometer/gyroscope, GPS, barometer, 433 MHz radio telemetry, camera, full telemetry and imagery over wifi, and on-board storage. Working in space payload development myself, I used some concepts, technology and process used in the space industry. For instance, the ground segment uses the open source Yamcs Mission Control System, which is also used for telecommand/telemetry for ISS payloads.
We will launch the payload on a powerful microrocket at Fri3d Camp 2022.
Repository: https://github.com/jmwislez/fli3d

See also: https://github.com/jmwislez/fli3d

Studied physics, works as an engineer for human spaceflight projects. Also captivated by personal development. Ever willing to learn and playing with new things in science and technology, and discovered a lot of Maker yummie at Fri3d Camp 2018.

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